eVoy Self Balancing Scooter Hands Free Mini Segway

“Smarter, Faster, and more Intuitive than ever. The new eVoy K1 has raised the bar, focused on top of the line quality and design”

Transportation has evolved. Have you?

Focus on Quality

Each device comes with eVoy Smart Technologies self balancing systems for added balance and usability, We aim to produce the highest quality hoverboards on the market, powered by authentic Samsung Lithium Ion Batteries for extended ride time and reduced charging time, Thicker ABS waterproof casing for better protection and durability. Every board is equipped with our dual 350 watt Magnetic Levitation motors. Riders are able to travel 12-14 miles and can fully recharge their eVoy within 60-120 minutes.

Additional Specs

UL Certified Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

2 Speed Modes: Beginner and Professional

Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Frame

Stronger ABS Plastic body for increased longevity


1 year manufacturer warranty included with the purchase of every eVoy.

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